Why HeyZZP?

With HeyZZP, managing your business is no longer difficult and stressful. You deal with what is really important, while the app takes over the least pleasant part of your work. Find out why you should try it out!


Automated administration for you and your accountant

With HeyZZP you can run your business in a modern and simple way. You download the app, log in once and use all its features. What is more, you operate HeyZZP in Polish and the official documents are generated in Dutch. The use of the app itself is also very intuitive. You can easily find the functions you need and provide your accountant with all the necessary documents. It couldn't be easier or faster!

home office work

Documents in order

With the HeyZZP app, you’ll transfer your office to your phone. From now on you’ll find all important documents in one place. Issue invoices, settle costs, and register mileage allowance and hourly rates electronically, so you can quickly send them to clients, accountants and authorities. And remember that accountants can always download the documents they need from the app on their own.

Working time and mileage recorded automatically

No more tedious calculations of kilometres you’ve driven and hours worked. Thanks to HeyZZP, all that data is registered automatically, so it's really easy to document. You don’t have to rewrite anything anymore! With our innovative solution you can quickly copy and paste all the data. And this means that you can prepare the documentation for the last weeks or even months in just a few minutes.

Saving time and money

Piles of faded receipts in the car and scanning of all documents just before the end of the settlement period become history! Now all you have to do is take photos of them so that they’re in the app ready for use. HeyZZP will automatically fill in all the data in your documents, leaving you with more free time to focus on what really matters - your business. Also, such a solution limits the number of mistakes you make, so you can forget about additional fees for adjustments and administrative fines.

Experts' tips for your business

Thanks to HeyZZP, you’ll have access to many useful features, but that’s not all! The app also contains lots of valuable information and tips from experts on issues related to running a business in the Netherlands. You’ll be the first to learn about the most important changes for companies and discover methods of optimising your costs.